“Disability Rights are Human Rights.”

I started designing clothes for neurodiverse people after the death of Freddie Gray, who was a disabled young man that was manhandled by unknowing police officers. I wanted to embolden the community with my designs - and to ensure incidents like Freddie’s never happened again. Although, I hear more cases about people with other disabilities enduring the same fate; onlookers unsure if someone’s deaf, blind, or handicap. So in 2021, I’m going to open my work to more conditions - starting with this one. It uses ASL, Braille, the neurodiversity infinity sign, and the disabled symbol. The aim was to invoke universality - to show that we’re all in the same crowd fighting for the same mission: Disability Rights. 

Two years ago, I started Assistees to embolden people who were considered different. And in 2021, I hope to do just that. 

Disability Rights Are Human Rights T-Shirt