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Assistees - Tees That Assist.

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Do Not Touch My Wheelchair Pin-Back Buttons.
Do Not Touch My Wheelchair Pin

I love these pins!

I use them everyday. I like to put it on the top of my backpack on the back of my chair. Believe it or not, it's not unusual for STRANGERS to grab onto my chair with me in it. This can be a huge problem especially when I can't vocally tell them to let go. Having a big red sign helps! People will walk up behind me and just grab onto my chair and start pushing me without asking permission. This is SO disrespectful. This is the equivalent of grabbing someone's legs and moving them in the direction you want. My chair is an extension of my body and you don't have permission to touch it or move it away from me out of reach.

Accessory for the autistic community: "I Have Autism. What's Your Superpower?" Pin button for autism. Pin for neurodiversity.
I Have Autism. What's Your Superpower? Pin

Great for Trick R Treating

Love the shop and the product and will return in the future because of the great service I received. My son is proud to wear this pin and it helped us during Halloween as he is non verbal. So there was less judgement when he didn’t say ‘trick or treat’ or ‘thank you’ this year.

Future is Diverse

Fantastic quality as always. Excellent seller communication. I get a TON of positive comments about this shirt at work. This seller is my go-to neurodivergent t-shirt seller and I will keep going back for more!

I Can't Read Your Lips Pin

Outstanding! It is large enough to be noticed without overpowering your cute outfit, the letters and coloring are very bold and eye-catching, very easy to read. I’ve gotten compliments on how effective it is to the viewer.

Autism Awareness Shirt

As an Autistic person, I find this shirt very empowering and a great representation of our experience. Thanks for making shirts like this available, Sid!

What is Assistees?

I was 17 when a police officer pulled me over for the first time. Struggling to keep my composure, I explained that I had a speech impediment that may interfere with the protocol of answering his questions. Fortunately, the officer was very kind and patient to ensure a safe traffic stop. Although, I wondered what would’ve happened if I weren’t able to explain my disability.

That experience gave me the idea of t-shirts that ensured safe interactions. T-shirts that empowered the wearer. T-shirts that aimed for a more inclusive and welcoming society.

Or simply put...

Tees That Assist.