Cognitive development relates to the information processing and perceptual skill of brain development. It can often be characterized by how a child learns and interacts with the environment. In addition, cognitive skills can be gained by completing certain activities.

Here are a few to further develop your child’s development:

Describe Colors and Shapes!

Describe different objects around the house to your child: “That apple is round and red. That computer is square and gray.” Doing this will reinforce the proper way of describing items, and help build the child’s comprehension skills. After awhile, begin asking your child to describe things to you: "Can you describe what color and shape that banana is?"

Their answers will build their communication skills, which will bring you to the next step...


One easy and fun method of helping cognitive development is singing songs. Start easy - sing lullabies with lyrics that are easy to remember, like ABCs and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Even consider introducing a small instrument, like a ukulele. 

Singing and playing music will help with memorization and processing skills. When your child is proficient enough, consider taking the band on a road trip, which brings us to the final activity... 


Nothing stimulates the mind like going to unprecedented places. Visit local museums, playgrounds, and even shopping centers to pique your child’s curiosity of their surroundings. While there, ask them different questions about nearby elements that's unfamiliar to them (sounds, sights, objects, etc). With their practice of describing objects at home and singing lullabies, their vocabulary should be big enough to discuss the world around them. 

Just in case - If a child doesn't feel comfortable verbalizing yet, use pictures to communicate. It could be illustrations or photographs of common needs, like using the bathroom or wanting to eat.

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