Holiday season is coming to a close, so the new year is not too far behind. This is a time that I feel introspective, wondering if I did enough in the past 12 months. The answer was no, so I lined up all of the positive words that I like to think define me.

  • “Acceptance” - because I’d like to think that people would accept me with my many flaws.
  • “Truth” - because I’d like to think that I’m honest.
  • “Unity” - because I can't do anything without family.
  • “Liberty” - because I love feeling free; I don’t have to hide who I am. “Respect” - because even when people don’t respect me (which is most of the time), I always choose to respect others and myself.
  • “Marvel” - because let’s face it: there never was anyone in history like me and there’ll never be anyone like me. In this time and place - with my many idiosyncrasies and weird features - I’m a marvel in the eyes of those who never met me. 

When I lined these words up, I saw the word “AUTISM” woven into the list. These are the features that make up neurodiversity. We’re accepting, truthful, united, liberating, respectful, and marvelous. 

So whatever 2021 brings, AUTISM is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Features of Autism T-Shirt