Do Not Distract My Service Dog Pin-Back Button


Last week, @DrewyNovaClara (they/them/their) commented how people constantly pet their service dog. This is dangerous because petting service animals could interfere with their ability to pick up commands. Not to mention service dogs need to be alert and focused on their owners at all times. 

For example - Drewy’s dog, Pearl, is trained to react to sounds, tachycardia, seizures, blood sugar, anxiety, and more to look after Drewy’s medical needs. It’s imperative that Pearl always focuses on Drewy’s condition to ensure their wellbeing. 

If it is absolutely necessary (like if the dog is in your way) - talk to the owner first about touching or directing the service dog. Remember, the animal is working, and the owner’s life could depend on the dog staying focused on its job.

Buttons come in packs and are covered with scratch and UV-resistant mylar with a standard button-back. Proudly handcrafted and printed in the USA.