Updates - Shipping & Manufacturing during COVID-19


We're still experiencing longer than usual fulfillment times for DTG, embroidery, and all-over print products, especially in the US. We're working hard to improve these categories, mainly by investing in more printing equipment and hiring additional fulfillment staff. This week in Charlotte, we've grown our DTG output by 18% and our embroidery by 16% compared to the previous week. Our goal is to continue increasing our weekly output at a fast pace.

Fulfillment times in Europe are getting faster, especially for non-apparel products. This is thanks to the hard work of our fulfillment team in Latvia, as well as being able to route more orders to our new facility in Barcelona and backup facilities in the UK.Β 

A lot of product categories are getting faster. Some are being fulfilled in under 4 business days, like jewelry and phone cases. Take a look at our Covid-19 FAQ for current estimates.Β 


You can continue to expect shipping delays worldwide. It's hard to give specific estimates because not all carriers update detailed data, and not all orders have tracking. As of now, we've observed that US domestic orders may take up to an additional 5 days on top of the estimated delivery time. Orders from the US to Canada can take an additional 7 days.

Shipping times within Europe are also longer, but airlines are starting to ease restrictions so that means delivery times may start to gradually improve.

Orders shipping from Europe to North America and Australia/New Zealand are taking much longer to ship; on average, we're seeing an additional 25 business days. Now, we're only routing North American and AUS/NZ orders to Europe when it's a product that can't be fulfilled in the US or Mexico.